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Your running shoes have been chewed,  

your puppy is trying to dig his way to China,

the Persian rug has become a toilet

…and you can’t seem to fix any of these problems?

Many pet owners at some time during their pet’s life experience behaviour problems. Some problems are serious and others less so, but whichever, before these problems become bad habits, it is always useful to have a source of information, advice and guidance to help resolve these problems.  We can treat the symptoms, but really it is so much more important to get to the bottom of the problem.

Most times pets learn a certain behaviour (unwanted by you) and fixing this requires finding a way for him to get the same reward but from a more appropriate behaviour. Long-lasting cures often take time and quick fixes that involve punishment are never a good idea. There may appear to be a result, but it is usually temporary and could actually exacerbate the problem and ultimately damage the relationship between pet and owner.

So if you’re battling with a dog who just simply does not listen, a dog who is destroying your home, if you’ve adopted a pet from a shelter who needs direction, if you have a puppy who is stubborn about house training, a dog with any other behaviour problem, I offer in-home consultations where I will assess the situation and prescribe a course of action.

Training (you and your pet) and arming you with information such as how your pet learns and thinks and what their needs are will set you up for success and improve your relationship with your pet.