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My journey

I have always loved animals as a young child but was not met with the same enthusiasm by my parents. I had to wait until I had my own home before embarking on that journey. At the time my husband was not keen on having an animal that he felt might be neglected by the fact that we both worked. So within no time, my prayers were answered by a cat who decided to adopt us. Dear Quizzy lived with us for 10 years. As soon as we moved into a home big enough we got ourselves a beautiful Yellow Labrador puppy and our love of Labs began.  

A few years later we adopted a 3-year-old Yellow Labrador that had lived in his back yard his whole life, never getting to go for walks as he had never been trained how to. What a challenge at first but what a loving and grateful dog in the end. We now have a Chocolate and a Black Labrador in our lives together with two beautiful Burmese cats.  Both Bindi & Chango have been through Puppy School and beyond to earn their Bronze and Silver Canine Good Citizen awards.

I love working with the young pups that make their way through training at PawFect Pups. To see them gain their confidence, develop and grow is just so rewarding. Also to be able to prevent  behaviour issues before they develop is such an advantage as it makes owning and dealing with a puppy that grows into an adolescent and finally a  wonderful companion dog such a pleasure.

 My journey of puppy and adolescent dog training has been greatly enhanced by the wonderful tutors that I have learned so much from over the past 7 years.  

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