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“I just wanted to say a huge thank you for spending the extra time with us after your Saturday morning class, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you.  I felt an instant connection to you and just know that we are going to love coming to all your classes.  I've had great fun training Max every day this week with the treats and the clicker.  He is such a good boy with sitting and staring at me and not the treat.  It was really funny the other day when I was asking him to sit and "watch" and he was standing like a statue, glaring into my face, not even blinking.  He couldn't understand why there was no click and why no treat?  Every few seconds he would quickly glance at the treat but then straight back at me.

And I managed to get him to go "down" from sitting a few times.  Am also not carrying him back to the office, but rather encouraging him with a toy or treat.  We are loving having him around so much, he is such a joy!

He discovered a bowl of water today.  I gave him our camping dish filled with water to play in, what fun!!  Big splashes everywhere.”

- Jacqueline